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Colour Consulting With Angela

Due to her long association with Merilux and the paint industry, Angela has a life time of working with colour and paint and people. Over the years she has shown herself to be a perceptive, creative yet thoroughly practical colour consultant, always considerate of client needs.

Experience, then, is Angela’s first qualification. She knows very well that colour is different under natural as against artificial light. She understands how it creates a look and feel that changes across the hours of the day and the seasons of the year. Perhaps even more importantly, she is deeply aware that the colour of an interior is a kind of personal relationship,and therefore needs to be selected with care and great sensitivity.

With a Diploma from the International School of Colour and Design to back her years of experience in paint, Angela is superbly positioned to assist with all interior and exterior colour schemes for both residential and commercial properties.

During a colour consultation, Angela will meet with you on-site to discuss the look you wish to achieve, and specify a colour schedule that takes into consideration natural lighting, flooring, existing fittings and architectural features. Large A4 size colour swatches are provided in addition to a free sample pot from any of our stores, allowing you to experience the possibilities before you commit.

Specification of the recommended paint finish for every surface is provided and, if required, qualified and trusted painters can be assigned to complete your project. Angela’s fee is based on a rate of $150/hour for a colour consultation anywhere in the Sydney metro area.

To make a booking contact Angela Fernandez on (02) 9716 1100 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Colour Consulting

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